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Gränslöst Tullager
Does this mean alot of work for the customer?  
Do we need to physically separate declared and undeclared goods in our warehouse?  
What is the procedure for goods that are to be re-exported to countries outside the EU?




A bonded warehouse is an approved place where you can store your or others' undeclared goods. If you do not use or sell your item immediately upon import, you can upload it to a customs warehouse. In this manner you avoid having to pay customs duties and other taxes and fees. Only when you remove the goods from the warehouse, do you then need to provide the customs declaration and pay the required fees.
[Source: Customs]

With our unique product "Gränslöst Tullager®", your commodity will remain undeclared in your warehouse until your decide to to deliver it. This means that you will only pay duties and VAT taxes at the point when the goods have been sold. if your goods are sold to a non-EU country, like Norway or Switzerland, you will not need to pay duties and VAT taxes when the goods are exported out of Sweden. In this manner, we can help to improve your liquidity. The arrangement is designed specifically for the customer based on the prerequisites for transferring information.


No duties and taxes with incoming shipments - this is first paid with outgoing delivery
No duties and taxes for goods re-exported to countries outside of the EU (eg. Norway, USA, Chile)
No duties and taxes for goods not found in the shipment.
The company's liquidity increases
Reduces tied-up capital in the warehouse
Cost savings
Damco handles declared and undeclared goods - first in, first out


We implement the most common affärssytemen on the market, such as Jeeves, Movex, DynamicsTM, NAV, Pyramid, Garp and Others

How long does it take to get started?

8-10 weeks depending on the ERP system.

Do you want to know more about
duties/taxes, visit www.tullverket.se

  Gränslöst Tullager


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