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Gränslöst Tullager
Does this mean alot of work for the customer?  
Do we need to physically separate declared and undeclared goods in our warehouse?  
What is the procedure for goods that are to be re-exported to countries outside the EU?






Have you thought about the fact that when you import your goods, you pay duties and taxes once they arrive at your door?

Have you thought about how much capital you tie up when you import your goods and how much capital that you instead could make available?

Now we have a solution for you that saves both money and headaches!

Our solution is called: Gränslöst Tullager®!

Your goods will remain undeclared in your warehouse. You pay duties and taxes only when the commodity is removed from the warehouse. If you have clients outside the EU, e.g.. Norway or Switzerland, you will not have to pay import duties or VAT taxes when you import the goods into the EU.

Do you want to know more about
duties/taxes, visit www.tullverket.se



Gränslöst Tullager

Fill in the formula below and press the send button. We will return shortly thereafter with an estimate showing how much liquid assets you can make available and how big your cost saving potential is. All information and data are handled confidentially.

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Purchase order value in inventory on average per year (goods from non-EU countries)
Number of import deliveries per year
Customs duty on imported goods (%)
Cost per customs declaration
Number of export deliveries per year
Number of order lines on average per dispatch
Purchase order value for exports to non-EU countries per year
Number of exports to non-EU countries per year

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